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We are in the best designed dental office in all of New Zealand at 19 Alpers Avenue, Epsom North [just along the right side of Alpers Avenue from the Honda corner at the south end of Newmarket’s Broadway]

No, you can't make an online appointment! We know - better than you can - who you should see for your dental problems. Just pick up your phone and call us at 09 524 0424 and talk with a real person who will start you on your way to dental health.

And no no no! We don't do online consultations for orthodontic problems where you take selfies of your mouth and email them to the dentist. That's totally stupid and straight out of cowboy country. Get off your backside and make an appointment and come to the office and show us your mouth. For no charge we will give you an accurate assessment of appropriate treatments and costs.

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I have been on a neuromuscular splint for six months 24/7 ...now im heappppppppppppppps better and begun process of weaning off and then just using at night.......if this doesnt work then i would need to get back on to a splint and then get orthodontic work to permanently correct..........so far so good thou....if you want the name of the neuromuscular dentist he is in auckland and treats TMJ with splints and things in alpers avenue - john burford is his name. 

- Over the moon

Wow! Where does one begin?

John is a Saint.

When people complain about how they hate going to the dentist, this is not the case with John Burford, he is caring and passionate with his work and patients, always friendly, makes one comfortable, and he has a great personality, great sense of humour...

He never uses the word no, he always tries. With so much experience and knowledge he is always keen to take on a challenge.

He is thorough, and always explains what he is doing, you see your results, you feel your results.....

I always recommend John's practice to anyone..

He is what he is: amazing!!

- Natalie Mc

Did you Know?

Nearly as many women as men suffer from snoring and sleep disorders. 

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