We at Burford Dental are general dentists with a special interest in, and years of experience of, a variety of orthodontic techniques and treatments for jaw dysfunctions and snoring and sleep problems.

general dentistry

General Dentistry

Who really doesn’t know all there is to know about drilling holes in your teeth and filling them up again? It’s a bit like having to be told how to do up your seat belt every time you get on a plane – is there anyone who doesn’t know that stuff? Anyway, lets get back to the fact that we do dentistry better than the other guys in the district. So perhaps that’s all we need to say.
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It’s not that long ago when kids wearing braces were a source of wonder and amazement and railway tracks for adults were unheard of.
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TMJ Dentist

TMJ Disorders

The jaw joints – officially called the temporo-mandibular joints or TMJs – are the ball and socket like joints just in front of the ears that attach the lower jaw [mandible] to the temporal bones of the skull. These joints have an importance way beyond their size. After all, where would we be if we couldn’t move our mouths?
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Dental Hygiene

At Burford Dental on Alpers Avenue our experienced Oral Health Therapists and Hygienists can help you keep your Smile and Oral Health in tip-top condition.

Kind of like an oral Warrant of Fitness!

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dental hygiene