Who really doesn’t know all there is to know about drilling holes in your teeth and filling them up again?

general dentistry

It’s a bit like having to be told how to do up your seat belt every time you get on a plane – is there anyone who doesn’t know that stuff? Anyway, lets get back to the fact that we do dentistry better than the other guys in the district. So perhaps that’s all we need to say.

Now this is an interesting part of the office at 19 Alpers. Dr John used to do all this stuff. In fact, he was very good at it. And, having spent 27 years in Greymouth, he has probably extracted more teeth than most Auckland dentists put together. It is recorded that there were some days when he scored a century in molar removals.

But he doesn’t do any of those ordinary dental things now. Why? Well a life time of peering into little holes down the back of saliva filled mouths, putting up with being bitten by ungrateful patients [thankfully before the arrival of the AIDS virus], inhaling mercury fumes, and going deaf from the constant whine of the high speed drills is enough to send anyone nuts. Not that Dr John is, but he certainly doesn’t hear as good as he should. Did you know that ACC pay for hearing aids for dentists as a work related complaint?

So who looks after this sort of stuff in our office? We have very experienced general dentists who get excited about removing decay and grotty teeth and polishing and filling and sorting gungy gums and doing root canals and making crowns and bridges and implants without you having to win lotto first. Dr Robyn and Dr Kari are the dentists of the moment and they are both very experienced at all these things.

And if you are looking for a myofunctional therapist, then we have Alana right in our office! She treats kids [and adults] who suck their thumbs or don’t swallow right and those sorts of problems that make your teeth stick out and look funny and probably cause snoring as well which means your airway will be messed up and as a result you could become quite sick.

Phone 09 524 0424 to make an appointment to see Alana or Dr Robyn or Dr Kari to have your teeth checked and a plan set up for any necessary treatment.