‘Smile’ by Raina Telgemeier:

A graphic novel [aka a 214 page comic book] following a teenage girl through the trials and adventures of having orthodontic treatment. A great read for any teenager who is concerned at the thought of orthodontics. I found my copy in Whitcoulls.

‘Headache Free Wonders of Functional Orthodontics’ by Dr Terry Spahl.

An excellent book by an American leader in general dentistry orthodontics. Dr Spahl outlines how tooth crowding and underlying jaw dysfunction can lead to a host of problems in children including joint pain, tension headaches, and other serious issues. A book for concerned parents. It will help you to become dentally knowledgeable and choose the best treatment option [because there are several] for your child. Dr Spahl highlights the benefits of non-extraction orthodontic techniques.  I bought this book on Amazon.

‘Is Your Tongue Killing You?’ by Joy Moeller.

A great book on myofunctional treatments and the importance of the airway. It discusses how to sleep, breathe, chew, and swallow correctly. It is an excellent backup to the myofunctional treatments that are carried out by the therapists at Burford Dental and it emphasises the non-extraction orthodontic techniques of our office. Available from Amazon.

‘Breath’ by James Nestor.

This is a most interesting book by an American investigative journalist who, in an attempt to determine why his health was compromised, researched breathing and the problems associated with this basic function of us all. Several patients told me to read this book, because, they said, my ‘lectures’ to them and their orthodontic patient children were exactly what James Nestor highlights in his book. I think Breath is available from NZ booksellers.