Living with sleep apnoea is challenging we understand the discomfort it can cause. We offer a comfortable and effective solution: custom-made snoring mouthguards, designed to alleviate sleep apnoea symptoms and improve your sleep quality. These oral devices are a non-invasive treatment option for many of our patients.

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Understanding Snoring Mouthguards

Snoring mouthguards, also known as oral appliance therapy, are devices worn in the mouth during sleep. They are designed to keep the airway open by gently repositioning the lower jaw or tongue, reducing airway obstruction that leads to snoring and sleep apnoea.


Benefits of Anti-Snoring Mouthguards


Comfort: Custom-fitted to your mouth for maximum comfort.

Convenience: Small, portable, and easy to wear.

Quiet and Effective: Reduces or eliminates snoring for many users.

Non-Invasive: An alternative to more invasive treatments like CPAP machines.

Getting Your Snoring Mouthguard:


  1. Preliminary Medical Assessment: Before we begin fabricating your custom oral appliance, we encourage an evaluation by your medical advisor. This collaborative approach ensures that we deliver dental solutions informed by medical expertise, acknowledging the importance of integrated care for sleep-related breathing disorders.
  2. Custom Design and Fitting: Impressions of your teeth are taken to design a mouthguard that is uniquely yours, providing a comfortable and effective fit.
  3. Device Fitting and Care Instructions: Once your custom mouthguard is crafted, we’ll ensure an optimal fit and provide guidance on its use and maintenance.
  4. Support and Adjustments: We offer ongoing care, including regular appointments to assess the fit of your device and make adjustments as necessary.


Considerations and Costs

The investment in your health through Oral Appliance Therapy can range between $3000 and $4000. This cost includes the option of a home sleep test to evaluate the severity of your Apnoea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) and determine whether a referral to a respiratory specialist is necessary. Additionally, we may suggest a CT scan to confirm that the obstruction is at the back of the mouth, indicating that a dental appliance is the appropriate treatment. These additional diagnostics are optional and may not be required if you have been referred by a respiratory specialist, as we rely on their expertise to guide our treatment plan.

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Who Can Benefit?

Snoring mouthguards are often suitable for individuals with mild to moderate sleep apnoea or those who find CPAP therapy uncomfortable. They are also a good option for people who snore loudly but do not have sleep apnoea.


Living with Your Snoring Mouthguard

Adapting to a snoring mouthguard is generally quick and easy. We provide comprehensive guidance on maintenance and care to ensure its longevity and effectiveness.


Next Steps

If you’re struggling with snoring or sleep apnoea, a custom-made snoring mouthguard might be the solution for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about how this simple device can significantly improve your sleep and health.