I know this is what you do for a living and its your job. But so do so many others who work as doctors and neurologists etc and none of them offered me any real genuine concern or kindness but instead ridicule and outright hostility. There isn’t anything I can do to adequately thank you for your genuine care and the kindness you have shown me. Even if the splint had not had any effect on my symptoms, your genuine concern would still have been more help than I had received from anyone else and would have made me feel encouraged. You are just a very good human. – Sarah

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My brother and I both had full orthodontic treatment – Adjustable plates then Braces then Retainer We both went and saw John Burford – who is amazing. They believe in not pulling teeth, rather, using plates to realign the jaw to make room for the teeth.

Ours were $6000 for the full treatment including all our X-Rays, Appointments, Plates, Braces etc Good luck!

– Over the moon

Burford dental have been my orthodontist & dentist for over 20 years. Amazingly, some of the staff that treated me all those years ago, are still with the business today. A wonderful bunch of friendly staff who always make you feel comfortable and at ease.

– Lauren

Thank you so much Burford Dental for the work you did….We absolutely have no regrets coming here. Again, thank you so much for helping us, this was by far the best dental experience we’ve had.

– Georgina

Amazing service, I finally feel like I have my oral hygiene under lock! My dentist was very gentle and patient with me, he also went through all the processes in great detail which is what I love! Won’t be going anywhere else.

– Charlotte