Alana Costley started working with John way back in 1997 when they were both young.

She took a lot of time off in those days because she represented New Zealand in international trampolining competitions in faraway places like Bulgaria, Outer Mongolia, and Hokitika.  Now it’s her sons who do this bouncing stuff for New Zealand while Alana is the boss of the clinical side of John Burford Dental.

Alana worked for a dentist doing goobie sucking and those sorts of things in an office in downtown Auckland for about 5 years. But she wanted to learn how to bend wires and make plastic bits and pieces so she did that laboratory stuff with John in Burford Dental Group. Alana went on to become a Registered Orthodontic Auxillary [a NZ qualification] and also a Senior TMJ Assistant after completing courses and passing exams with the American Academy of Cranio Facial Pain in the US. She also attended courses in California to become a Qualified Myofunctional Therapist and has her Certificate in Small Business Management in NZ.

You can see that Alana is very highly qualified. You can phone her with a dental problem [09 524 0424] and I know she will be able to help you. If you have a question she can’t answer, I will buy you an ice cream.



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