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We are in the best designed dental office in all of New Zealand at 19 Alpers Avenue, Epsom North [just along the right side of Alpers Avenue from the Honda corner at the south end of Newmarket’s Broadway]


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Come in to Burford Dental and we can talk to you about what we see is the problem and what we can do about it. And here is the kicker – we don’t charge you for an orthodontic consultation  And if you go ahead with orthodontic treatment for you or your small adults, then our fees are likely to be less than those of other dentists around the patch. Try us and see. Phone for an appointment at 09 524  0424. We are near Newmarket remember, but we don’t mind if you come from further away. We are treating patients from as far away as Kaitaia and Christchurch just now. And we still treat a patient who used to come to the office all the way from Christmas Island [bet you can’t find that on a map!]

About Us

John Burford moved to Auckland from the South Island’s West Coast in 1991. He bought an old villa in Alpers Avenue and converted it into a dental office which flourished and morphed into one of Auckland’s most highly regarded dental practices.
Although this is a family dental group, the office’s reputation has grown on high quality general dental [that means we aren’t specialists] orthodontics along with treatments for jaw dysfunction and a range of head and neck pains.

The practice is based in a great looking purpose-built office designed by Michael Unthank [an architect and dentist] living in Nebraska [that’s real cowboy country!] and Barney Milic living in Auckland.

If you are looking for a dental office that is cheerful and inviting, where the staff are highly trained and pleasant, the dentists are experienced and familiar with the latest technologies, all the staff are either handsome or beautiful, and especially if you get headaches or your children have munted smiles, then this is the place for you.

Burford Dental is located at 19 Alpers Avenue on the southern fringe of Newmarket. If you need parking, there are 14 car parks at the back of the property - just drive on in. We promise to meet you with a smile.

I have been on a neuromuscular splint for six months 24/7 ...now im heappppppppppppppps better and begun process of weaning off and then just using at night.......if this doesnt work then i would need to get back on to a splint and then get orthodontic work to permanently correct..........so far so good thou....if you want the name of the neuromuscular dentist he is in auckland and treats TMJ with splints and things in alpers avenue - john burford is his name. 

- Over the moon

Thank you Alana so much for referring me to John - he is so lovely and informative. It has taken so much stress away. 

- Kerin S

Did You Know?

Headaches and even migraines may be caused by disorders of the jaw joints.

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