Meybilline is our front desk administrator and is likely the first person you will see as you come through our front door. She is a dental veteran, having worked both at the chairside and in reception for several dentists in Auckland as well as in New York. Mey was born in Chile and spent a…

Oral Health Therapist

Smruti [SD for short] arrived in New Zealand as a young child and grew up in Auckland. When she finished school at Mt Roskill Grammar, she flew off to India to look after her grandparents. She stayed longer than intended, partly because she went to Dental School in Mumbai and then worked for two years…

Lab technician

Peter has been a dental technician with us [on and off] for many years. Now he ferries over from Waiheke for a couple of days a week to work in the lab with Sam and make all the little plastic things that help straighten teeth or recover patients’ smiles. He used to make glass eyes…


Oral Health Therapist

Sharlene is our Oral Health Therapist which means she is a School Dental Nurse [the old title] and a Dental Hygienist rolled into one. She received her Bachelor of Health Science at AUT and graduated in 2016. So she is very competent at fixing children and teenagers teeth and, as well, she has an excellent…


Clinical assistant

You could find Teana anywhere around the building. She is a receptionist, she assists the dentists, processes our xrays and CT scans, and even helps with the cleaning and tidying and doing the dishes


Lab technician

Sam is really Samantha, but she likes to be called Sam which is fine by us. She used to be the first person you saw when you nervously shuffled in the front door, but now she is spending more time in our laboratory while she upskills [what a stupid word!] to making all those little multi coloured plates that our younger patients wear to create a drop-dead smile.


Clinical assistant

Patricia was born in Colombia. She finished school and headed off to qualify as a dentist at El Bosque University in Bogota in 2001. But she wanted to travel so, in 2007, Patricia was in Brisbane perfecting her English and studying to become a dental technician.


Clinical team leader

Alana Costley started working with John way back in 1997 when they were both young. She took a lot of time off in those days because she represented New Zealand in international trampolining competitions in faraway places like Bulgaria, Outer Mongolia, and Hokitika.

Dr David Arias, General Dentist Specialising in Orthodontics.

Dr David grew up in Costa Rica and graduated top of his dental school class at the University of Costa Rica in 2016. He spent the next few years furthering his dental knowledge by completing courses in orthodontics, TMJ treatments, Invisalign techniques, Botox therapies, and oral surgery. He has lectured on clear aligners in Russia,…


Dr Chin was born in Malaysia. He came to New Zealand as a young lad and attended school in Tauranga before heading off to Otago University to complete his dental degree in 2000. So he has had over 23 years of helping patients which means he is very experienced, as well as being a thoroughly…